Publications, By Title

Report NumberAuthor(s)Publication Title
MRC 01-76W.E. Black, R. Stelly and V. Schneider"American Rice Family" Cooperative Consolidation Study
MRC 03-72R.L. Degner, J.P. Nichols, C.C. Connolly, T.S. Stephens and B.J. LimeA Consumer Test of Canned Seasoned Salas Tomatoes
MRC 04-72J.P. Nicholsm R.L. Degner, C.C. Connolly, B.J. Lime, and R. CruseA Consumer Test of Citrus Drinks made from Comminuted Whole Citrus Fruit
CP-03-12 O. Capps, Jr., and R. Hanselman A Pilot Study on the Market for Energy Drinks
MRC 02-69R.E. BransonA Summary Analysis of In-store Onion Promotion Tests and Test Shipments of Pre-packaged South Texas Onions
MRC 03-77M.D. EthridgeADI Market Shares from Texas Citrus and Prospective Market Growth to 1980-81
CP-02-04O. Capps Jr., D.A. Bessler, G.W. WilliamsAdvertising and the Retail Demand for Orange Juice
MRC 03-74G.R. Powell, R.F. McDonald and R.E. BransonAgribusiness Analysis San Antonio Market Area
MRC 02-86R.E. Branson, H.L. Goodwin, J. Heleman, G.R. Powell, R.B. Schwartz, Jr.Agribusiness Development Duval Country, Phase I Study
MRC 01-86R.E. Branson, G. Powell, H.L. Goodwin, R. Schwartz, E. DavisAgribusiness Economic Development Study Duval Country, Texas, Phase I
CR-01-92B. K. Schulthies, G.W. WilliamsAgricultural Issues in U.S.-Mexico Economic Integration
IM-04-92G.W. Williams, B.K. SchulthiesAgricultural Labor Effects of a U.S.-Mexico FTA: A U.S. Perspective
MRC 01-72Proceedings of Marketing Section, AAEA, 1971 Summer Session, Carbondale, ILAgricultural Marketing Research Needs in the 1970's
MRC 02-70J.P. Nichols and R. StellyAn Analysis of Special Cheese Promotion Program: Houston, Texas
C 01-89H.L. Goodwin, G.W. WilliamsAn Assessment of Consumer Preferences Regarding Honey Purchases: The Case of Canadian Honey in the Dallas-Fort Worth
CM-03-05O. Capps, Jr., G.W. WilliamsAn Assessment of Future Markets for Crops Grown Along the Columbia River: Economic Implications of Increases in Production Resulting from New Agricultural Water Rights Under the Columbia River Initiative
MRC 02-75L.L. Leudtke and R. StellyAn Economic and Statistical Analysis of Solids-not-fat and Protein Components of Milk
CM-04-10 V. Salin, D. Ng, N. Joy An Examination of Bounded Rationality in Food Business: Food Product Recall Event Analysis
Confidential 12/1/1969J.P. Nichols and R. StellyAnalysis of a Special Promotion Program for Cheese
Confidential 8/1/1982None ListedAnalysis of Consumer Preferences Regarding the Degrees of Beef Marbling Consistent with a Maximization of Retail Demand
Confidential 9/1/1969R.E. Branson and W. E. BlackAnalysis of In-Store Promotion Tests and Test Shipments of Pre-Packaged South Texas Onions
MRC 01-78R.E. Branson, M.D. Ethridge and R. EdwardsAnalysis of the Economic Feasibility of Rice Production, Milling and Marketing in Puerto Rico
Confidential 1/1/1978R.E. Branson and M.D. EthridgeAnalysis of the Economic Feasibility of Rice Production, Milling and Marketing in Puerto Rico
MRC 01-69T.L. Sporleder and R.E. BransonAnalysis of the Texas Retail and Processor Markets for Turkey Products
Confidential 11/1/1969R.E. Branson and W. E. Black Analysis of the Texas Retail and Processor Markets for Turkey Products
CM-02-11 O. Capps, Jr., G. W. Williams Analyzing the Effectiveness of the Lamb Promotion, Research, and Information Order
MRC 03-74AG.R. Powell, R.F. McDonald and R.E. BransonAppendix Agribusiness Analysis San Antonio Market Area
CM-01-91TAMRC Study TeamAssessment of Marketing Strategies to Enhance Returns to Lamb Producers
Confidential 10/1/1969R.E. Branson and W. E. BlackAttitudes of Meat Buyers Dallas Eating Establishments TowardTexas Fed. Beef. Preliminary Interviews
MRC 01-70R.E. Branson and Z. CarpenterAttitudinal Survey: Dallas Eating Establishments Toward Texas Fed Beef
CM-02-00G.W. Williams, G. Davis, J. P. NicholsCheck-Off Program Evaluation: Why, What, How, When, and Who
MRC 02-73T.L. Sporleder and W.J. VastineComparative Cost Analysis of Carbon Dioxide and Vacuum Packaged Boxed Beef: A Case Study
IM-01-94TAMRC StaffComplete Text of the North American Free Trade Agreement: Vol. I, Chapters 1-10
IM-02-94TAMRC StaffComplete Text of the North American Free Trade Agreement: Vol. I, Chapters 11-22
IM-03-94TAMRC StaffComplete Text of the North American Free Trade Agreement: Vol. II, Annexes 1-7
MRC 06-77R. StellyComponent Pricing of Milk to Dairy Farmers
CM-03-09H. Alan Love, O. Capps, Jr., G.W. WilliamsConcentration in Beef Packing and Slaughter Cattle Pricing
MRC 02-83J. C. Hopkins, J.P. Nichols and C. ChinConsumer Acceptance of Fortified Weaning Foods: The Case of Cerex in Guyana
MRC 05-80R.E. BransonConsumer Dissonance and Federal Beef Grades
Confidential 11/1/1979P. Rosson and R. BransonConsumer Dissonance and Federal Beef Grades
MRC 01-84RR. Branson, J. J. Martin and R. EdwardsConsumer Evaluation of Leanness in Beef: a National Test
CP 04-96Proceedings of W-177Consumer Issues in Domestic, International Beef Marketing
MRC 01-88 O. Capps, Jr., D. S. Moen, R.E. Branson Consumer Perceptions of Randall's Food Markets Inc.: A Case Study
MRC 02-79P. Rosson and R. BransonConsumer Preferences for Fresh Grapefruit: Fruit and Package Size and Response to Price Level
Confidential 10/1/1969R.E. Branson and J.P. NicholsConsumer Survey of Attitudes and Purchase Behavior Regarding Fresh Versus Frozen Chicken Parts
IR 10-73C.C. Connolly, R. Degner, J. NicholsConsumer Uses and Evaluation of Texas Fresh Early Oranges
IR 01-73C.C. Connolly, Robert Degner and J.P. NicholsConsumer Uses and Evaluations of Texas Fresh Early Oranges
MRC 01-75R.E. Branson, Carl E. Shafer, T.L. Sporleder and J.P. NicholsCotton Crop Contracting Problems and Potentials
CM-05-10 O.Capps, Jr., G.W. Williams, J. Robinson, C.P. Rosson III, and Hudson

Cotton Research and Promotion Program - Economic Effectiveness Study

MRC 08-73R.D. Smith, R. Stelly, R.L. Degner, R.E. Branson and W.E. BlackCurrent and Alternative Marketing Systems for Texas Grain Sorghum
CP-01-00J. Malaga, G.W. WilliamsDemand Systems, Fresh Vegetables: An Application of the Barten Approach
CP-02-95A.W. Sturduvant, H.L. Goodwin, jr., L.A. Koop, M.E. Rister, B.D. WebbDetermining a Standardized Milling Protocol for Domestic Aromatic Rice Varieties
CP-03-96Sturdivant, Goodwin, Koop, Rister, WebbDetermining a Standardized Milling Protocol for Domestic Aromatic Rice Varieties
CP-02-96Goodwin, Koop, Rister, Miller, Maca, Chambers, Hollingsworth, Webb, McClungDeveloping a Common Language for the US Rice Industry: Linkages Among Breeders, Producers, Processors, Consumers
IM-01-10 V. Salin Development of Cold Chain Infrastructure through REIT-CONFIDENTIAL
CP-03-11 M.S. Chang, V. Salin, and Y. Jin Diversification Effect of Real Estate Investment Trusts: Comparing Copula Functions with Nonparametric Methods
IM-01-09 O. Capps, Jr., C. P. Rosson III, A. Leister Economic Effects of New Product Beef Promotion in Guatemala
CP-02-07 V. Salin, E. Jones, G.W. Williams Economic Evaluation of Action Plans for Pathogen Control in Almonds
IM-03-04K. Sachamarga, G.W. WilliamsEconomic Factors Affecting Rice Production in Thailand
MRC 02-78A. SmithEconomic Formula Pricing in Federal Milk Marketing Orders
MRC 01-79R.D. Knutson and E. A. SmithEconomic Formula Pricing of Milk
CP-01-97Holcomb, Rister, et alEffect of Rough Rice Storage Time, Temperature on Aromatic Rice Grain Quality Characteristics
CP-01-98G.W. Williams, J. P. NicholsEffectiveness of Commodity Promotion
CP-01-07G.W. Williams, O. Capps Jr., M. PalmaEffectiveness of Marketing Order 906 in Promoting Sales of Texas Grapefruit and Oranges
CM-02-98G.W. Williams, C. R. Shumway, H. A. Love, J.B. WardEffectiveness of the Soybean Checkoff Program
IM-02-01S. Fuller, T.H. Yu, L. Fellin, A. Lalor, R. KrajewskiEffects of Improving South America's Transportation System on International Competitiveness in World Grain Markets
CM-01-10 O.Capps Jr., G.W. Williams, T. Dang Effects of Lamb Promotion on Lamb Demand and Imports
IM-01-97J. Malaga, G.W. Williams, S. FullerEffects of NAFTA on the U.S. and Mexican Fresh Vegetable Industries and Trade
CP-02-97R.B. Holcomb, M.E. Rister, B.D. Webb, R.K. Miller, K. Bett, A. McClung, H.LEffects of Post-Milling Storage Time, Temperature, and Packaging on Aromatic Rice Grain Quality Characteristics
CM-02-09D.A. BesslerEffects of Soybean Checkoff Research Expenditures on U.S. Soybean Yields and Net Revenue: A Time Series Analysis
CM-01-11 G.W. Williams, O. Capps, Jr., V. Salin, S. Dharmasena, L. Higgins, W. J. Thompson, D. Anderson Ethnic Lamb Buying and Preparation Behavior and Preferences
MRC 01-87R.A. Edwards and T. CampEstimated Costs of Packing and Selling Texas Citrus, 1982/83 Season
CM-01-03T.H. Yu, S. FullerEstimated Grain Barge Demands for the Upper Mississippi and Illinois Rivers: Tentative Findings
IM-1-94 Fuller, Gutierrez, Gillis Estimated Regional Production/Consumption of Corn, Wheat, Sorghum and Soybeans in Mexico
Confidential 8/1/1984R.E. BransonEvaluation of Characteristics of Beef Associated with Consumer Preferences and Demand
IM-01-02RJ.A. Garcia Salazar, G.W. WilliamsEvaluation of the Effects of Mexican Trade Policy on the Mexican Maize Market
IM-05-04J.A. Garcia Salazar, G.W. WilliamsEvaluation of the Effects of NAFTA on U.S.-Mexico Tomato Trade
CP-01-10 O.Capps Jr., P. Alviola IV Examining the Factors Affecting Household Purchases of Organic and Conventional Fluid Milk in the United States
MRC 03-74EG.R. Powell, R.F. McDonald and R.E. BransonExecutive Summary Agribusiness Analysis San Antonio Market Area
MRC 03-71R. Stelly and J.P. Nichols Factors Affecting Fluid Milk Sales in Urban Markets
CP-02-02T.H. Yu, S. FullerFactors Affecting Lock Delay on the Upper Mississippi, Illinois Rivers and the Effect of Lock Delay on Barge Rates
Confidential 10/1/1969C. C. Connolly, K. L. Stewart and T. D. LongbrakeFactors to Consider in Determining the Feasibility of a South Texas Watermelon Marketing Order
MRC 01-81R.E. Branson, D. Martinez, D. Ethridge, J. McGrannFarmer to Consumer Direct Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables in East Texas
MRC 01-71C.C. ConnollyFeasibility of a Central Onion Sales Organization for South Texas
CP-01-11 F. Fraire, S. Fuller, J. Robinson, S. Vadali Feasibility of Containerized Transport in Rural Areas and its Effects on Roadways and Environment: A Case Study
MRC 07-73 R. Stelly Feasibility of Producer Cooperative Association Acquiring and Operating Export Facilities
CP-01-04G.W. Williams, O. Capps Jr., D.A. BesslerFlorida Orange Grower Returns from Orange Juice Advertising
CPM-01-94Goodwin, Branson, Rister, KoopFocus Interview Transcripts for Asian-American's Purchasing, Preparation, Consumption, Preference for Aromatic Rice
CR 01-90RG.W. Williams, W.R. GrantFood Security, the Multilateral Trade Negotiations: The Case of Japanese Rice
MRC 05-71 J.P. Nichols, C.C. Cannolly, and R.L. Degner Fresh Market Acceptance of Two Types of Machine Harvestable Tomatoes
CP-03-10 S. Vadali, J. Villa, S. Fuller, D. Ellis, G. W. Williams, D. Kang Funding the Future Surface Transportation System: The Impact on Agriculture
IR 01-74T.L. SporlederGeographic Concentration of Selected Agricultural Commodities
IM-03-01H. Ordoñez, A. Lalor, S. FullerGrain Production, Marketing, and Transportation in Argentina
IM-05-94S. Fuller, N. Gutierrez, M. GillisGrain Surplus, Deficit Regions in Mexico
IM-02-10 V. Salin Growth Prospects for the Global Cold Storage Industry-CONFIDENTIAL
MRC 01-82J.P. Nichols and R.E. BransonHandling/Use of Wholesale Dairy Cases in Texas
CM-01-05O. Capps, Jr., G.W. WilliamsHas the American Lamb Board Increased the Demand for Lamb?
CM-02-05G.W. Williams, O. Capps, Jr.Household Level Lamb Consumption Patterns
CP-02-12 R. Bakhtavoryan, O. Capps, Jr., and V. Salin Impact of Food Contamination on Brands: A Demand Systems Estimation of Peanut Butter
IM-02-95Dietrich, Farris, Ward, SchulthiesImpact of NAFTA on the Competitiveness of U.S.-Mexico Beef Fabrication, Packaging, and Trade
SS 02-89G.W. WilliamsInternational Agricultural Trade and Policy: Issues and Implications for U.S. Agriculture
IM 02-89G.W. WilliamsInternational Agricultural Trade, Policy: Issues, Implications for United States Agriculture
MRC 02-80R.D. Knutson, M. Cook and T.L. SporlederInternational Cooperative Coordination in World Grain Trade
CM-01-07O. Capps Jr., G.W. WilliamsIs Lamb Promotion Working?
CM-02-08O. Capps, Jr., G.W. WilliamsIs the Lamb Promotion Still Working?
CM-01-09G.W. Williams, O. Capps, Jr., D.A. BesslerIs the Soybean Checkoff Program Working?
CM-01-08E.D. Moore, G.W. WilliamsIs the Texas Pecan Checkoff Program Working?
CM-03-10 V. Salin Logistics Analysis of the Pathogen Control Provisions of the Almond Marketing Order
CP-04-11 J. Wolfley, J. Mjelde, D. Klinefelter, and V. Salin Machinery Sharing Contractual Issues and Impacts on Net Returns of Agribusiness Firms
MRC 01-83M.D. Ethridge, J.P. Nichols and R.E. BransonManagement of Dairy Products and Utilization of Point-of-Purchase Advertising in Retail Food Stores
MRC 06-76C.E. ShaferMarket Analysis for Size 112 Texas Grapefruit
MRC 04-76R.E. Branson, R. Stelly and A. SmithMarket and Economic Potential for a Soybean Elevator-export Facility at Lake Province, Louisiana
MRC 02-82J. McEowen, R. Branson and J. A. LipeMarket Development Potential for East Texas Blueberries, Preliminary Analysis
MRC 09-73Carl E. Shafer, J.P. Nichols, R.E. Branson, W.E. BlackMarket Development Potentials for Southwestern Peanuts
MRC 02-88R.E. Branson, I.W. SchmedemannMarket Factors Affecting Texas Rural Land Financing
MRC 07-76M.D. EthridgeMarket Outlook for Texas Citrus to 1980-81
CP-01-92S Goodwin, Rister, Branson, Stansel, Webb, Ward, KunzMarket Potential for Domestic Rice Varieties Among Asian Americans: Summary Report
CP-01-92T Goodwin, Rister, Branson, Stansel, Webb, Ward, Kunz Market Potential for Domestic Rice Varieties Among Asian Americans: Technical Report
MRC 05-75T.L. Sporleder, R.D. Smith, C.A. Parker, E.A. Smith III and R.E. BransonMarket Price Relationship for Selected Dairy Products and Soybeans, 1976-85 Forecast, Volume I (Executive Summary)
Confidential 5/1/1975T.L. Sporleder, R.D. Smith, C.A. Parker, E.A. Smith III and R.E. BransonMarket Price Relationship for Selected Dairy Products and Soybeans, 1976-85 Forecast, Volume II
MRC 05-74BNone ListedMarket Price Relationship for Selected Dairy Products and Soybeans, 1976-85 Forecast, Volume II (Full Report)
CP-02-10 V. Salin, O. Capps, Jr. Market Research on Promised Land Brand Milk-CONFIDENTIAL
MRC 05-72J.P. Nichols and C.C. ConnollyMarket Response to Two Alternative Packages for U.S. No. 2 Grapefruit
Confidential 7/1/1985R.E. Branson, H, R. Cross, Jeff Savell, G. C. Smith and R. EdwardsMarketing Implications From The Consumer Beef Study
Confidential 6/1/1970R. E. Branson, R. Stelly and J.P. NicholsMarketing Strategy Alternatives for Rice
MRC 07-71R.E. Branson, W.E. Black, J.P. Nichols, and R. StellyMarketing Strategy Alternatives for Texas Rice
MRC 06-73The Southern Regional Workgroup on Market Dynamics, New Orleans, LAMeasurements of Response to Generic Promotion of Food Products: Seminar Proceedings
CM-01-06O. Capps Jr., G.W. WilliamsMeasuring the Effectiveness of Lamb Advertising and Promotion: An Updated Analysis
MRC 04-77T.L. SporlederMembership Policy Alternatives for Agricultural Cooperatives
IM-02-96R.T. Vieira, G.W. WilliamsMERCOSUR and Agricultural Markets
IM-01-06J. E. Malaga, G.W. WilliamsMexican Agricultural and Food Export Competitiveness
IR 03-90K. D. Hall, C. Livas-HernadezMexican Agriculture Databook
MRC 04-80R.E. BransonMexican Fresh Vegetable Imports into the U.S., October 1977-78 and 1978-79
IM-01-96J. Garcia-Vega, G.W. Williams Mexican Livestock, Meat and Feed Industries: Economic Structure and Government Policy
IM-03-96J. Garcia-Vega, G.W. WilliamsMexican Livestock, Meat, Feedgrain Ind.: A Dynamic Analysis of U.S.-Mexico Econ. Integration
IM-02-98J. Arellano, S. Fuller, J.E. MalagaMexico-U.S.-Caribbean Nations Melon Trade: A Simulation Analysis of Economic Forces and Government Policies
IM-03-00J. Arellano, S. Fuller, J. MalagaMexico-U.S.-Caribbean Nations Melon Trade: Productivity, Competition, and Market Share
MRC 03-76G.R. Powell and W.E. BlackMFC East Texas Study
CP-01-09 P. Alviola, IV, O. Capps, Jr. X. Wu Micro-Demand Systems Analysis of Non-Alcoholic Beverages in the United States: An Application of Econometric Techniques Dealing with Censoring
IM-01-01D. Shombodon, G.W. WilliamsMongolia: An Agricultural Marketing System in Transition
IM-04-94TAMRC StaffNAFTA Notes from the White House
IM-06-94TAMRC StaffNAFTA Tariff Schedule
IM-05-01G.W. WilliamsNAFTA, Agriculture: Implications for Changes in U.S. Farm Policy
MRC 01-84R. Branson, G. Smith, R. Cross, J. Savell and R. EdwardsNational Consumer Beef Study
CP-01-05 E. Jones, V. Salin, G.W. WilliamsNISIN and the Market for Commercial Bacteriocins
MRC 05-77M.D. Ethridge and R.E. BransonOperating Costs for U.S. Cotton Gins by Location, Plant Size and Utilization Rates: Impact of an Automatic Feeding System
MRC 04-74T.L. Sporleder, R.E. Branson and C.E. GatesOptimum sampling for Measuring Short-term Changes in Food Product Deliveries
DIR 01-79 T.L. Sporleder Potential Producer Acceptance of Electronic Marketing
MRC 02-72T.L. SporlederPrimary Packaging Cost Analysis for Fresh Beef from Packer to Retail Distribution Center: A Case Study
CI-01-92 L.M. Crane, N. Pinnoi, S. Fuller Private Demand for Publicly Provided Goods: A Case Study of Rural Roads in Texas
IM-07-92L.M. Crane, N. Pinnoi, S. FullerPrivate Demand for Publicly Provided Goods: A Case Study of Rural Roads in Texas
IM-01-98L. Fellin, S. FullerPrivatization of Mexico’s Railroad System, Implications for U.S./Mexico Grain/Oilseed Trade
WP 01-89K. C. HollonProblems Encountered by Agricultural Marketing Firms in Food, Agriculture Product Exporting: An Analysis of Survey Results
MRC 02-71F. Gardner and J.P. NicholsProduct Quality and Consumer Preference as Affected by Alternative Methods of Handling and Packaging Chicken
CP-01-93J.P. NicholsQuality in U.S. Fruit, Vegetable Marketing
MRC 04-71T.L. Sporleder and R.E. BransonRetail Test Marketing and Consumer Evaluation of Frozen Lamb
MRC 02-77J.P. NicholsRetail Trade Attitudes Toward Texas Fresh Citrus
CM-03-11 M. Breaux, M. Messer Road to Sustainability Latin America Microfinance
MRC 03-82R.E. Branson, M.L. Price, E. PoseySan Antonio Agribusiness Firm Survey
MRC 03-75R.E. Smith, R.E. Branson, W.E. Black and R.F. McDonaldSome Alternative Marketing Systems for Texas Grain Sorghum
ConfidentialR.E. Branson, W.E. Black, R. D. Smith and R. F. McDonaldSome Alternative Marketing Systems for Texas Grain Sorghum
IR-01-98TAMRC StaffSoybean Checkoff Investments: Foreign Market Development Expenditures
IR-03-98TAMRC StaffSoybean Checkoff Investments: Domestic Promotion Expenditures
IR-02-98TAMRC StaffSoybean Checkoff Investments: Soybean Production Research Expenditures
CI-01-95 G.W. Williams, H.W. Miller Soydiesel: Potential Domestic and World Soybean Markets
CP-01-96 H. W. Miller, G. W. WilliamsSoydiesel: Potential Impacts on US and World Soybean and Soybean Product Markets
S 01-89K. D. Hall, G.W. WilliamsSoymod Matrix Tables
ConfidentialR.E. Branson and Carl E. ShaferStaple Cooperative Goals and Strategy Alternatives 1975-85
Confidential 1986R.E. Branson and C. E. ShaferStaple Cooperative Goals and Strategy Alternatives 1975-85 (Vol. II)
MRC 04-75R.E. Branson and Carl E. ShaferStaple Cooperative Goals and Strategy Alternatives, 1975-85
CP-02-11 G. Power, V. Salin, and J. Park Strategic Options Associated with Cooperative Members' Equity
Confidential 6/1/1970R. E. Branson and W. E. BlackStrategy Alternatives for Marketing Rice
IM-02-00V. Salin, G.W. Williams, M. Haigh, J. Malaga, J. Madrinan, SheaffStructure of the Mexican Rice Industry: Implications for Strategic Planning
Confidential 6/1/1969R.E. Branson and J.P. NicholsSummary of Individual Semi-Depth Interviews Regarding Frozen Chicken Parts
MRC 04-70C.C. Connolly, T.L. Sporleder, and J.P. NicholsSupply and Utilization of Texas Citrus1960-1961 to 1974-75
Confidential 7/1/1969R.E. Branson, W. E. Black, C. C. Connolly, J. P. Nichols and T.L. SporlederSupply-Price Relationships for Texas Grapefruit
IM-02-93R.F. Tsai, G.W. WilliamsTaiwanese Livestock, Feedgrain Industries
IM-01-95G.W. Williams Technical Change and Agriculture: Experience of the U.S. and Implications for Mexico
MRC 06-71R.E. Branson, W.E. Black, J.P. Nichols and R. StellyTechnical Considerations in Evaluation of Fluid Milk Sales
MRC 03-70T.L. SporlederTemprob: A Fortran IV Program for Calculating Temperature Probabilities from Extreme Minimum Temperature Data
MRC 01-77R.E. BransonTexas Citrus Market Information System
MRC 05-73C.C. ConnollyTexas Fresh Citrus Market Shares by Markets, 1972-73
MRC 05-76C.C. ConnollyTexas Fresh Citrus Market Shares by Markets, 1973-74
MRC 04-73C.C. ConnollyTexas Fresh Citrus Shipments by Containers, 1972-73
MRC 01-73C.C. ConnollyTexas Fresh Citrus Shipments by Market Areas, 1972-73
MRC 02-74C.C. ConnollyTexas Fresh Citrus Shipments by Market Areas, 1973-73
MRC 03-73C.C. ConnollyTexas Fresh Citrus Shipments by Varieties, 1972-73
IR-01-91Fuller, Hall, TaylorTexas Vegetable, Melon, Citrus Crops: Production, Location, Competitive Position
IM-04-96R.Vieira, G.W. WilliamsThe Brazilian Soybean Industry
CM-04-12 G.W. Williams The Chinese Soybean Industry: A U.S. Success Story?
MRC 03-80J.P. NicholsThe Development and Marketing of a Soy-fortified Bread in Korea: A Case Study
CM-02-06O. Capps Jr., G.W. WilliamsThe Economic Effectiveness of the Cotton Checkoff Program
IM-04-04I.M. Borja, G.W. WilliamsThe Economic Structure of Ecuador's Rice and Corn Markets
MRC 04-69J.P. NicholsThe Effect of Point-of-purchase Display Material on Sales of Fresh Texas Grapefruit
MRC 05-69J.P. NicholsThe Effects of Grade on Retail Sales of Fresh Texas Grapefruit
IM-02-04W.P. Welch, G.W. WilliamsThe Effects of NAFTA on U.S. and Mexican Rice Markets
IM-03-93T. Ozuna Jr., G.W. WilliamsThe Environment, U.S.-Mexico Agricultural Trade
CP-02-09 P. Alviola IV, B. A. Bessler, O. Capps, Jr. The Importance of Socio Demographic Variables on the Quality of Predicted Probabilities from Binary Choice Models: An Application of the Brier Probability Score Method Concerning Organic Milk Choice
CM-02-10 G.W. Williams, J.S. Shiflett, P. Rodgers The Nontraditional Lamb Market: Characteristics and Marketing Strategies
MRC 02-76W.E. Black, R. D. Knutson and A. SmithThe Norbest Marketing Pooling and Financing Study
IM-04-01G.W. WilliamsThe North American Free Trade Agreement: Effects on U.S. Agriculture and Trade
IM-01-99S. Fuller, L. Fellin, K. Eriksen The Panama Canal’s Effect on the Competitiveness of U.S. in International Grain/Oilseed Markets
IM-03-92F.O. BoaduThe Political Economy of the U.S.-Mexico FTA: Analysis of the Senate Fast Track Vote
CP-01-12 O.Capps, Jr., D.A. Bessler, and G.W. Williams The Ramifications of Nearly Going Dark: A Natural Experiment in the Case of Orange Juice Advertising
IM-01-04W.P. Welch, G.W. WilliamsThe Rice Markets of the United States and Mexico
CM-01-00R. Conner, R. Dietrich, G. WilliamsThe U.S. Cattle, Beef Industry, the Environment
IM-07-91S. FullerThe U.S.-Mexico FTA: Agricultural Transportation Issues
IM-11-91H.L Goodwin, Jr.The U.S.-Mexico FTA: Agriculture Labor Issues
IM-16-91L.Jones, T. Ozuna Jr., M. WrightThe U.S.-Mexico FTA: Economic Impacts on the Border Region
IM-01-92Fuller, Capps, Bello, Hall, SchultiesThe U.S.-Mexico FTA: Effects of Alternative Tariff Levels on Texas Spring Dry Onion Producers
IM-12-91C.P. Rosson III, A.L. AngelThe U.S.-Mexico FTA: General Economic Issues
IM-01-91 G.W. Williams, C.P. Rosson III The U.S.-Mexico FTA: Issues and Implications for U.S. and Texas Agriculture
IM-03-91C.P. Rosson III, F. Adcock The U.S.-Mexico FTA: Issues and Implications for the U.S. and Texas Citrus Industry
IM-06-91M.J. Taylor The U.S.-Mexico FTA: Issues and Implications for the U.S. and Texas Cotton Industry
IM-10-91 B. K. Schulthies, R. B. Schwart The U.S.-Mexico FTA: Issues and Implications for the U.S. and Texas Dairy Industry
IM-02-91 S. Fuller, C. Hall The U.S.-Mexico FTA: Issues and Implications for the U.S. and Texas Fresh Vegetable/Melon Industry
IM-04-91 M. Waller, G. W. Williams, D. White The U.S.-Mexico FTA: Issues and Implications for the U.S. and Texas Grains and Feeds Industry
IM-09-91 F. O. Boadu The U.S.-Mexico FTA: Legal Issues for Agriculture
IM-05-91 C.P. Rosson III, B. K. Schulthies, D. White The U.S.-Mexico FTA: Issues and Implications for the U.S. and Texas Livestock and Meat Industry
IM-08-91T. Ozuna, R.G. QuirogaThe U.S.-Mexico FTA: Natural Resource, Environmental Issues
IM-02-92F.O. Boadu, S.M. WiseThe U.S.-Mexico FTA: Rules of Origin
CM-01-98S. Fuller, L. Fellin, W. GrantThe Upper Mississippi/Illinois Rivers, Grain/Soybean Transportation: An Analysis of Transportation Capacities
CM-02-91G.W. Williams, J.B. WardThe Use of Cottonseed Meal in Animal Feed Rations: A Survey of Feed Formulators
IM 01-90W.P. Grant, G. W. WilliamsTrade Distorting Policies in the World Rice Market: Some Factors for Consideration in Trade Negotiations
Confidential 4/1/1969None ListedU. S. and Texas Citrus Supply and Utilization; Texas Processing and Feasibility: Projected to 1974-75
Confidential 5/1/1969R.E. Branson, W. E. Black, C. C. Connolly, J. P. Nichols and T.L. SporlederU. S. and Texas Citrus Supply and Utilization; Texas Processing Requirements and Feasibility: Projected to 1974-75
IR 02-90K.D. HallU. S. Corn Data Book
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