Recent Publications

A Methodology to Empirically Assess National and Farm-Specific Damages from Contamination of Grain Supply by a Genetically Engineered Strain

Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, p. 1-16, June 2019

Oral Capps, Jr. and Ronald A. Babula

Enhancing the Teaching of Product Substitutes/Complements: A Pedagogical Note on Diversion Ratios

Applied Economics Teaching Resources, 1(1): 1-14, June 2019

Oral Capps, Jr. and Senarath Dharmasena

A Selective Overview of Panel Data with Applications in SAS

SAS Global Forum, April 2019

Gary W. Williams and Daniel Hanselka

Return on Investment in the American Lamb Checkoff Program

Report to the American Lamb Board, February 2019

Gary W. Williams and Daniel Hanselka

Waste Not Want Not: Examining Plate Waste of Vegetables in Elementary School Lunches

Choices, 1st Quarter 2019

Oral Capps, Jr., Ariun Ishdorj, Peter S. Murano, Lindsey Field, Ashley Hutto, and Maureen Storey

Generic Promotion of Sorghum for Food and Industrial Uses

Journal of International Food & Agribusiness Marketing, 30(2), Published December 2018

Gary W. Williams and Oral Capps, Jr.

Measuring the Effects of Advertising on Green Industry Sales: A Generalized Propensity Score Approach

Journal of Applied Economics, 51(12): 1303-1318, Published October 2018

Yajuan Li, Marco A, Palma, Charles R. Hall, Hayk Khachatryan and Oral Capps, Jr.

The Use of Time-Series Analysis in Examining Food Safety Issues: The Case of the Peanut Butter 

Journal of Food Distribution Research, 49(2): 57-80, Published July 2018

Rafael Baktavoryan, Oral Capps, Jr., Victoria Salin, and Aramayis Dallakyan

Expiration Dates and Order Quantities for Perishables

European Journal of Operational Research, 266(2): 569-584, Published April 2018

Michael Ketzenberg, Gary Gaukler, and Victoria Salin

Grapes in School Meals: Impact of Plate Waste on Costs and Consumption

Journal of Nutritional Health & Food Science, 6(1): 1-9, Published January 2018

Peter S. Murano and Oral Capps, Jr.

Introduction to Agricultural Economics, Seventh Edition

Pearson 2018

J.B. Penson, O. Capps, Jr., C.P. Rosson, and R. Woodward

Establishing Dynamic Expiration Dates for Perishables: An Application of RFID and Sensor Technology

International Journal of Production Economics, 193: 617-632, Published November 2017

Gary Gaukler, Michael Ketzenberg, and Victoria Salin

Understanding Spending Habits and Buying Behavior of the American Muslim Community: A Pilot Study

Journal of Food Distribution Research, 48(3): 51-74, Published November 2017

Oral Capps, Jr., Peter Murano, and Asma Ahad

Can U.S. EIA Retail Gasoline Price Forecasts be Improved Upon?

Panit Arunanondchai, Mark C. Senia, and Oral Capps, Jr.

Consumer Demand for and Effects of Tax on Sparkling and Non-Sparkling Bottled Water in the United States

Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies, 8(3), Published October 2017

Wen Zheng, Senarath Dharmasena, Oral Capps, Jr., and Ramkumar Janakiraman

The Taste for Variety: Demand Analysis for Nut Products in the United States

Selected Paper, Southern Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting, February 2017

Guo Cheng, Senarath Dharmasena, Oral Capps, Jr.