Recent Projects (2000-2015)

American Lamb Board


National Wheat Foundation

  • 2014: An Economic Analysis of the Potential Returns from an Enhanced Wheat Checkoff Program


United Soybean Board



  • 2013-2014: Economic Benefits of the Expansion of Avocado Imports from Mexico


Heifer International

  • 2013: Business Leadership Development for Agribusiness Professionals Short-Course in Agribusiness Administration


Alliance for Potato Research and Education

  • 2013: Understanding the Consequences of Limiting Starchy Vegetables in School Meal Programs


United Sorghum Checkoff Program

  • 2012-2013: Producer Return on Investments in Sorghum Research, Promotion, and Information


International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses

  • 2011: Data Analysis for the IARW Productivity and Benchmarking Survey


Devil's Claw

  • 2011-2012: Competitive Assessment and Market Entry Study of Devil's Claw in the U.S. Nutraceutical/Herbal Supplement Market


Cotton Board

  • 2011: Cotton Research and Promotion Program - Economic Effectiveness Study


Novus International

  • 2010: Competitive Assessment and Market Entry Study of Devil's Claw in the U.S. Nutraceutical/Herbal Supplement Market


Promised Land Dairy

  • 2010: Market Research on Promised Land Brand Milk


The Institute of Obesity Research and Program Evaluation

  • 2010: Development and Analysis of the Revised WIC Program for Public Policy


Soy Transportation Coalition

  • 2010: National Transportation System and the Soybean Industry


Texas Pecan Board


Texas Valley Citrus Committee


Almond Board of California


National Cotton Council


World Bank


American Rivers


National Corn Grower's Association

  • 2005: Markets for Corn Distiller's Dried Grain By-product


Florida Department of Citrus


Propane Education and Research Council

  • 2001-2002: Propane Checkoff Evaluation


International University of Ecuador

  • 2000-2004: International Master's of Agribusiness Program


WorldMerc, Inc.

  • 2000-2001: Content for WorldMerc e-Commerce System


Past Projects (1988-2000)

Agricultural Marketing Service (USDA)


World Wildlife Fund


U.S. Rice Producer's Association


World Bank/ Ecuador MOA

  • 1999-2004: Ecuador Information System and Agricultural Information System



  • 1997-1999: AGROINFO Agricultural Information System


United Soybean Board



  • 1996-1997: Livestock Information Network Development for Americas (LINDA)


National Cottonseed Product Association

  • 1996-1997: Effectiveness of Cottonseed Oil Promotion
  • 1990-1991: Use of Cottonseed Meal in Animal Feed Rations


Center for the Study of Western Hemisphere Trade

  • 1996-1997: Macroeconomic Adversity in Mexico
  • 1996-1997: Natural Resource Impacts on U.S.-Mexico Agriculture Trade
  • 1996-1997: Tri-National NAFTA Symposium
  • 1996-1997: NAFTA and U.S. and Mexican Vegetable Industries
  • 1995-1996: NAFTA and U.S. and Mexican Agricultural Sectors


Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

  • 1996-1997: The Mexican Livestock Industry


Research Enhancement Program (Texas A&M University)

  • 1995-1996: Effects of NAFTA on U.S.-Mexican Vegetable Trade
  • 1992-1994: Pacific Rim Market and U.S. Beef Industry


National Research Initiative

  • 1994-1995: NAFTA and North American Beef Fabrication, Packaging, and Trade


American Soybean Association

  • 1992-1993: Soydiesel and Soybean Markets


USDA/ Packers & Stockyards

  • 1992-1996: Price Determination in Slaughter Cattle Procurement


Texas Pecan Producers Association

  • 1992-1993: Pecan Study


American Sheep Industry Association

  • 1991-1992: Lamb Marketing Study


U.S. Rice Council, Texas Department of Agriculture and Texas Agricultural Experimental Station

  • 1990-1991: U.S. Market Potential for Aromatic Rice Varieties


U.S. Rice Council and Rice Millers' Association

  • 1990-1991: World Rice Policies and the U.S. Rice Market


U.S. Meat Export Federation and Texas Beef Industry Council

  • National Conference on International Cattle and Beef Exporting


Expanded Research Area (Texas A&M University)

  • 1989-1991: International Beef Market Effects on Texas Cattle/Beef
  • 1989-1991: Competitiveness of Texas Food Processing


BeeMaid Honey

  • 1989-1990: Texas Market for Imported Honey


Loggins Meat Company

  • 1989-1990: Retail Meat Market Expansion
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