Research Projects

The AFCERC Team is ready to meet your research and strategic planning, needs. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality, objective, and timely research to support your decision-making process. We would be pleased to discuss your research and strategic planning needs with you and provide a more in-depth understanding of our capabilities.

Areas of Expertise:

Consumer Research

Health and Nutrition

Agribusiness and Markets

Commodity Checkoff Programs Obesity Research Concentration and Industrialization
Ethnic Consumers Child Nutrition Logistics and Distribution
Branded and High-Value Foods Food Safety Research Strategic Management and Planning
Evaluation of Advertising and Promotion Programs Tax on Non-Alcoholic Beverages Pricing Strategies

Our approach to analysis, strategic planning, and forecasting is data-driven, utilizes state-of-
the-art techniques, and provides our clients with unique insights into the economics of the U.S. and global agribusiness, food and fiber systems. Click here to see some of our strategic partners/clients.

Our research covers everything...

"From the fields of producers... to the plates of consumers!"

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