Outreach Activities

Speeches and Presentations

  • United Soybean Board Annual Meeting - July 2014
    • Dr. Williams presented his report to the United Soybean Board in regards to his report of the Soybean Checkoff Program.

  • 39th Annual Macromarketing Conference - July 2014
    • Dr. Salin presented her report, "Consumer Response to Contamination of a National Brand Food: The 2007 Peanut Butter Recall" at the 39th Annual Macromarketing Conference held at the Royal Holloway University in London, England.


  • APRE Economic Advisory Council - June 2014
    • Dr. Capps reported on his project, "The Consequences of Limiting Starchy Vegetables in School Lunches."

  • Rabobank - December 2013
    • Dr. Capps discusses the "Consumer Trends in Food and Beverage Marketing in the United States: Opportunities for Business Enterprises." To view his presentation click here.

  • Texas Department of Agriculture - April 2013
    • Dr. Capps along with Dr. Peter Murano, Dr. Carol Spaulding, and Lindsey Field dicussed plate waste methodologies to collect plaste waste on school lunches to elemetary school children.


  • Nambian Devil's Claw Workshop - February 5-7, 2013
    • Dr. Salin presented her report, "Competitive Assessment and Market Entry Study of Devil's Claw in the US Nutraceutical / Herbal Supplement Market" which focused on the private sector, and the themes of the value chain, the market size, and the regulatory environment. For a complete report of this study, click here. To see proceedings from the workshop, click here.


  • 2013 Southern Agricultural Economics Association annual meeting - February 2-6, 2013, Orlando, Florida
    • Dr. Senarath Dharmasena and Dr. Oral Capps, Jr.s present their paper, "Demand Interrelationships of Organic and Non-Organic Nonalcoholic Beverages in the United States: An Application of Semiparametric Estimation of Censored Demand System."


  • 4th CAER-IFPRI Annual International Conference - October 18-19, 2012
  • Dr. Gary W. Williams and Dr. Pei Guo, Vice Dean of Agriculture at China Agricultural University in Beijing stand in front of the statue of Chairman Mao Zedong (also transliterated as Mao Tse-tung) and the academic building of the university.
  • Dr. Gary W. Williams presents his paper, "The Chinese Soybean Industry: A U.S. Success Story?" at the conference entitiled “Transforming China’s Agricultural and Rural Sector: Challenges and Solutions,” China Agricultural University, Beijing, P.R. China. To view his presentation, click here.
  • AgriLife Today - August 21, 2012
    • Dr. Oral Capps, Jr., a Texas AgriLife Research economist, has a keen interest in tracking consumer food purchases for both home and away. Read more here.


  • Why the Farm Bill Matters to You - March 31, 2012

Dr. Gary W. Williams explains that the Farm Bill, first passed under President Roosevelt during the Great Depression, is now predominantly focused on Nutrition and Food Assistance programs like SNAP. To hear the entire webcast on KCRW, click here and choose the "Listen" link. Dr. Williams's discussion begins at minute 8:00 and goes to minute 15:30.

  • Regulatory Science
    • Dr. Salin is part of the newly launched Texas A&M Regulatory Science program, a certificate master's degree for those who monitor the farm to consumer market channel. Her course is available for continuing education as well.


  • Reforming the 2012 Farm Bill: Subsidies, Food Assistance, and America’s Health
    • Dr. Gary W. Williams was a panelist for the Harvard School of Public Health’s Forum on October 20, 2011 in Boston, MA regarding the 2012 Farm Bill. To watch the forum, click here!

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Press Releases

  • Victoria Salin becomes a National Advisory Board Member for the Women in Agribusiness The 2nd Annual Women in Agribusiness Summit will take place on October 22-24, 2013 in Minneapolis, MN.

  • 2013 USDA Report to Congress on the National Dairy Promotion and Research Program and the National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Program 2011 Program Activities
    • The Dairy Production Stabilization Act of 1983 (Dairy Act) and Fluid Milk Promotion Act of 1990 (Fluid Act) require an annual independent analysis of the advertising and promotion programs that operate to increase consumer awareness and sales of fluid milk and dairy products. The Agribusiness, Food, and Consumer Economics Research Center was awarded a competitive contract to complete the study. Chapter 3 summarizes the quantitative evaluation of the effectiveness of the dairy and fluid milk checkoff programs, specifically the marketing and promotion programs.

  • Two of our Agecon undergraduates, Douglas Wilson and Aaron Ates, under the direction of Dr. Oral Capps, Jr., placed in the top ten in competition against graduate students in the 2012 SAS Analytics Poster Competition in Las Vegas, Nevada this week. Their poster “Tracking Sales of New Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles in the United States Automotive Industry” used many macroeconomic factors in an econometric analysis to predict the volume of new car and light commercial vehicle sales on a monthly basis.

  • Oral Capps Bridges Gap Between Academia, Business Needs
    • National Association of Business Economics News- May 2012
    • For more than two decades, Dr. Oral Capps, Jr. has been bridging the gap between academia and the demands of professionals working in different fields as business economists. More

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  • U.S. Agricultural Policy in a Global Context Conference
    • AFCERC, the Agricultural and Food Policy Center (AFPC), the Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture, and the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (COALS) at Texas A&M University sponsored this conference in College Station, Texas on April 9, 2013. As part of the COALS effort to seek “Grand Solutions to Grand Challenges,” the Blue Bell Lecture Series is designed to provide an external perspective on what COALS does and how it can uniquely approach the grand challenges we face today.

  • Food Distribution Research Society 2010 Annual Conference
    • October 16-20, 2010, Destin, Florida
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